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Recording Studio Rates


Being located in Atlanta, Gives gives us some great opportunities and benefits to extend to artists from all over the country and ultimately the world. Becoming famous for it’s entertainment and nightlife Atlanta is a gem and home to several of your favorite celebrities, artists, comedians and athletes. It’s literally where everyday people like me and you come to feel like stars! Just walking down the strip alone or exploring the mall could land you front and center with some of your favorite celebs. Consider visiting and or plan an upcoming trip! When you do, why not get some work done in between enjoying the sites!

Take advantage of an opportunity to record in a state of the art recording studio where the sound is second best to none. By partnering with CoastArtist we handle the logistics and work with you to schedule the best date and time for your studio session. Some of our packages even include free hotel stay while you’re here and travel expenses can be included. You can even enjoy a premier package which includes 20 hours of studio time, a photo shoot, video shoot and free album promotion. You can also choose to cover your own travel and stay expenses (saving money). Here’s what’s included with every package:

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  • record in a state of the art studio located at Downtown Atlanta
  • explore fabulous Atlanta,Ga
  • $1000 budget to use towards CoastArtist promotion
  • assistance from live CoastArtist Rep during session
  • 24 hour customer service via email and phone support
  • 2 hours ‘live session’ with CoastArtist before studio time


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