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October 22, 2021

Our Work



Young Treja had a vision for his Hit new single, and we were able to deliver. Not only did we create his stunning website but we also provided the private jet and exotic car for his production. 

Our company slogan ” Label Services without the Contract”

Check out the music video . Click here 

View website by clicking here.

WEBSITE FOR STUDIO - TrebleClef Studios

Automate your scheduling process by allowing artists to schedule recording sessions directly on your website. You can have a feature on your website where the client can go to a booking page and see what rooms in your studio are available down to the day and times. This will ease alot of the manual work of emails, and phone calls to schedule a time for you client. You can also have a feature on your website where after the client schedules an available recording session, the website can send automated reminder emails when their recording session is approaching and/or ending.


Special Thanks to the Ownership Group of TrebleClefStudios for Selecting CoastArtist as site developers. 


WEBSITE FOR LABEL - Stash Global Ent.

If you run an independent record label, creating your own website is an essential part of marketing yourself, promoting your artists and developing a credible online presence.

Got merchandise , Vinyl, gig tickets, digital tracks or anything else to sell? Why not sell them directly from your website?

Special thanks to the Management team and C.E.O at Stash Global Entertainment.


Most industry experts agree, musicians need a dedicated website, and here’s why: Having your own site makes you look pro. It shows that you’re taking your music career seriously. That (probably) means you’re more dependable, more talented, and of more interest to whoever is visiting your site.

Special thanks to ItsRoseGold for trusting in us to creating her site as well as marketing and promo for Spotify.


MUSIC VIDEO PRODUCTION- Jackboy/Empire - Lost ties

Whenever JackBoy and Sniper gang needs a Jet we’re here to help. We were alongside the shoot , on-ground support from our Concierge team. The jet was provided by our Sister Company COASTPRIVATE.

Special thanks to EMPIRE for trusting in us for their clients Aviation needs.