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Amazing Websites & Intergrated Marketing

We are both full-service and service-oriented, working closely with you to understand your business and current marketing challenges and to develop and implement specific strategies and systematic plans to ensure the pro table growth of your business.

We Believe Our Success is Based on Your Success​

We have learned, through years of experience, that the best possible way to ensure our own success is to enable yours. Since our birth in 2015, we have been in the business of growing, building, reviving and creating brands.

CoastArtist is a dynamic, client-friendly, integrated marketing solutions company. Our targeted, high performance campaigns have helped our clients, in a variety of industries, to compete more effectively.

Our Services

CMS Solutions

Cutting your development time in half by delivering much more easy-to-use, ready-to-go sophistication than any other vendor, it frees time, talent, and resources for what matters.

Integrated Marketing

Everything you need to deliver cutting-edge campaigns and an exceptional customer experience integrated into one solution, so you can manage complex multi-channel marketing with ease.


Amazon-style smartness backed by almost every sophisticated e-commerce feature you’ll ever likely need, built in and ready to accelerate you to success. It’s smart e-commerce, simplified.

Customer Experience

Conceptualizing, creating, and managing inspirational and compelling content including contextual and buzzworthy content in line with clients’ business requirements that engages and influences end customers.

Online Communities

Every tool you need to create, manage and socially integrate communities that drive qualified traffic, bring unique customer insights, and encourage conversation about your brand.


Identify, segment, monitor, and reward desirable customer behavior and utilizing social media to help develop engaging social content and leverage social analytics to understand customer preferences.

Why Choose Us?

Make it happen

Create automated marketing workflows of customer interactions to nurture qualified leads towards conversion.

Make it relevant

Boost engagement by delivering relevant content to customer segments, based on behavior and demographics.

Make it personal

Respond in real time to individual visitors’ interests for a truly custom- made experience of your site and your brand.

Make it better

Send personalized and relevant emails that arouse and retain interest. Optimize your campaigns with analytics and A/B testing.

Make it real

Manage all contacts from all touchpoints for a 360° view and to deliver that cross-channel customer experience to each.

Make it matter

Create easy-to-build online forms and generate more leads by capturing visitors’ contact details.